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Sales Dashboard - Tableau

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Sales Performance are an important aspect of every product based organisation. It is the driving factor and is critical for the survival of an organisation. So the sales dashboard should be interactive, visually appealing, and most of all, it should be insightful. It should be able to tell a story, or answer the relevant questions that arise in the mind of the users.

This dashboard which you see may be built on the Superstore data for now, but it can be used on any data.

The left panel on the dashboard show various Key Performance Indicators ((KPIs) nd their respective trends. This is the primary control input of the dashboard. Meaning, by the default all the values on the four vizzes is Sales. But if you click on any other KPIs, the values will change accordingly.

The first one is a trend chart. It shows you the sales/KPI trend by month.

Next one besides it is the Geographical Visualization. There are two actions that can be performed on this one:

a. Hover over a geography to see its trends of profitable and Non profitable orders

b. Click on the Geography (Region) to break that selected Geography into the respective sub-geography. It is helpful in cases like - A region is bringing a loss overall, then we may find which state to focus in that region.

The third one is a category drill. At first, it seems like it is just a normal bar chart- until you click on it! If you select a category by clicking on it, that particular category will expand into its subcategories. Isn't it fun?

At last, there is a simple (but not mainstream) segment to KPI bar chart that has the power to filter the whole dashboard by selection of a Segment. (Yeah I just said it like it's a big deal)

This was really required since All segments are usually seen differently by the users, depending upon the type of industry.

Hope you liked it!

See you again soon.


Anmol Parimoo

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